I’ve always been in love with that peppery and intoxicating smell of our peonies! Unfortunately, the blooms last only a few days and sometimes I miss clipping them completely due to weather or me procrastinating. Don’t you wish you could just bottle it up? Now you can! Try our easy peony simple syrup recipe. Snatch up those fallen petals for this delicious syrup and make yourself a refreshing mocktail/cocktail with either sparkling water, Prosecco, gin or vodka. See recipe below.

Peony Simple Syrup

  • 1 cup loosely packed peony leaves (pesticide-free)
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 lime or lemon, juiced

1. Remove the petals from the peonies and wash with cold water
2. Bring water to a boil in a small saucepan. Remove from the heat and add petals. Put lid on and let steep for at least 8 hours or overnight.
3. Strain liquid from petals into a bowl. Pour back into the pan and add the sugar.
4. Bring to boil and let simmer until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool completely.
5. Add lemon juice and stir. The syrup will change from yellow to a blush.
6. Keep refrigerated for up to a month.

Peony Cocktail

  • 2 oz of gin or vodka
  • Sparkling water or seltzer
  • 1-2 oz of peony simple syrup (depending how sweet you like it).
  • 1/2 oz of lemon or lime juice
  • Lemon or lime wedge for garnish
  • Edible flowers for garnish (optional)

Add ice, gin or vodka, peony simple syrup, and lime juice to a cocktail shaker and shake until combined. Fill glasses with ice. Pour mixture over the rocks and top drink with sparkling water or seltzer. Garnish drink with lemon or lime wedge and edible flowers.

*For a non-alcoholic version, omit the liquor and add more sparkling water or seltzer.

*You can also omit the gin or vodka along with sparkling water and top drink off with Prosecco or champagne.

*Photography by: Harrison Lubin