Meet Shawn & Kris

Modern-day gents living the old-world way

We’re two gents from the big city—a perfectionist designer and a free-spirited doctor—who decided to slow down and simplify by moving into a historic farmhouse in upstate New York.

Yes, seven years ago we traded in taxis for a pickup truck and store-bought for handmade. We started a project that would consume us (in a good way): restoring a historic home. In doing so, we filled our lives with the things that bring us the most joy: entertaining, cooking, gardening, and learning to live off the land. We also started creating cool home goods, all unique and sustainably made. On any given day, you can find us working on a project in our onsite studio, putting the final touches on a room, gardening, feeding our chickens, or dreaming up a new cocktail recipe (and taste-testing it!) to share with you.

We are as happy as we’ve ever been and we didn’t think it could get any better. Then we discovered an incredible community of like-minded folks (both online and in-person) who shared our interests and vision for living intentionally. We really love connecting with our neighbors, supporting local businesses and artisans, and bringing everyone together at events we host throughout the year.

The Farmhouse Project is our passion, the place where we share the things we love. Even if you can’t visit our gorgeous corner of the world in person, you can still get a taste of the charm of cultivated country living here. We welcome you to accompany us on our journey as we create a beautiful life, lived simply.