Refined Country Pottery Collection

Our Refined Country collection was inspired by the discovery of antique, moss-covered terracotta pots in our vegetable garden. We loved the textural beauty of them—even the broken shards—and the rich history they represented. So, we collaborated with our friend, master ceramicist Nonna Hall of Nonneta’s Keramika, to design pieces that hark back to the past while being practical and versatile enough for today’s table—from rustic to minimalist modern. The beauty of handmade pottery is in the slight variations from piece to piece. There’s nothing cookie cutter here; when you set your table with Refined Country, you’re creating a work of art.

Cameo Pottery Collection

Our bespoke Cameo collection is artfully simple, with notes of elegance. It was inspired by the cameo, a work of miniature art treasured during the Victorian era—the time when our farmhouse was built. Beautifully carved cameos actually date back to 300 BC; they were used for personal adornment and for making social and political statements. We pay homage to the captivating cameo with our white stoneware pieces, handcrafted by fine artist Jeanette Morrow. Finished in Egret, a matte white glaze that is food safe, each piece features an embellishment made from a mold of a classic Cameo pin. The collection includes a serving platter, a serving bowl, a cake shelf, a petite tray, and two vases.