Hi everyone! Welcome to our most favorite time of year, autumn in New York! We’ve been tirelessly working on our online shop and can’t wait for you to see it (and shop it)! An exact date is still TBD but we’ll let you know the minute it launches. Until then, it’s time to entertain! You know how much we enjoy gatherings at the farmhouse, especially in the fall. The weather is crisp and cozy and the colors are fabulous. We’re going to show you how to make an effortless fall inspired tablescape that will wow your guests.

We love incorporating things from nature and utilize them from our property, the side of the road, or a nearby field.

Step1 – Whether your dinner party is indoors or out, make sure your table seats the right amount of guests comfortably. For larger parties use two tables side-by-side for a more cozy and intimate vibe. With big gatherings we tend to ignore the table situation and do a spread on the kitchen island. This is also a great way to keep the party casual and easy to mingle with your guests.

Step 2 – We’ve always been a non-tablecloth household and love showing off our table surfaces. But, when our dear friend Nora Murphy (Nora Murphy Country House) came by for a photoshoot, she took a vintage tartan wool blanket and used it as a tablecloth. Brilliant idea, right!? Just be careful it’s not an expensive blanket and your guests are not messy.

Step 3 – Of course, how can you have a fall table without pumpkins and gourds? We usually grow our own but got these from a local farm down the road. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, shapes and sizes. For us, the uglier the better! Lay them out down the center of your table playing with scale and shape.

Step 4 – Add some greenery. Stroll around your property for some fallen branches or prune an overgrown tree with colorful fall foliage. Snip some wildflowers — we got these from the side of a road. Start to place the branches around your pumpkins (inside and out) throughout the table. Now place your flowers the same way. The more imperfect it looks, the more perfect it is!

Step 5 – Lastly, it’s time to set the table! We usually use our ironstone dinner plates as a base then mix and match the salad plates or pop some color like we did here with these mustard wood grain plates (from Home Goods). I’m a sucker for cloth napkins! Tie in the colors from your table to your napkins and don’t be afraid to mix patterns. We got these colorful National Park linen napkins from Pendleton. Place your flatware accordingly. Finally, we always like to garnish each seat with something leftover from our foraging trip.

Pretty simple, right!? When your soirée has ended, use your table greenery and flowers to make small wreaths for the house. Always remember less is more and simple is beautiful. Happy entertaining from the farmhouse!

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