For the past few years at the farmhouse we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving with mostly friends and neighbors – folks unable to travel to family or who otherwise have hectic holiday work schedules. Regardless of circumstances, all come hungry for a non-traditional farmhouse feast!

This year we co-hosted a “Friendsgiving” (yes, that’s a thing now) dinner with our friends from Bed Bath & Beyond over the weekend. We have many fond memories of Bed Bath & Beyond from our many years living in Manhattan: moving into that new tiny apartment with no closet storage…needing a new turkey baster (now!)…discovering all those kitchen and houseware items we didn’t realize we just had to have. It’s always been our one stop shop for city living. Although the nearest BB&B is now about an hour away (thank goodness for the internet), we hand-selected a few of our favorite things to cook, decorate, and entertain with. Check out our source list below with links.

Celebrating diversity in everything we do is so important to us, including our Friendsgiving menu! Kris was a maniac in the kitchen this year cranking out global cuisine favorites like North African tajine, Korean gimbap, and mouth watering acorn squash stuffed with spicy Indian kadai paneer. And let’s not forget my epic cheeseboard and cocktails! Recipes all coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who followed along with us over the weekend and of course to our co-hosts, Bed Bath & Beyond. But let’s not forget the most important: being thankful for our friends, family and everything we have (including you)!