Last minute summer entertaining and need some greenery on the table? Ditch the grocery store bouquets and make your own from the backyard! Now, if you have your own cutting garden you’re already in pretty good shape. However, if the only flowers available are the landscaping, use what you have. It seems we’re always pruning, trimming and maintaining our greenery throughout the season. Add these clippings to your next tablescape or vignette. Depending on the tree or shrub some of these will also root in water for your indoor enjoyment from season to season.

We adore a very wild arrangement inspired by the old Dutch botanical still life paintings. Get creative with height to add drama and remember it shouldn’t look perfectly symmetrical. Let some of the height fall off to the side organically. You can use all greenery but pop in a little color with some blooms you have in the yard…or your neighbor’s yard (Shhh!). We’ll even pull off the road to snip some colorful wildflowers. And don’t forget some fresh herbs, too!


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