Having a weekend house is a bit challenging when your full time life is in the city. Okay, so we don’t have the greatest track record on household plants in the city. I either water too much or completely forget to water at all. I’m determined to get help and admit my problems. Thanks to our fabulous neighbor, we were introduced to maintenance-free wine bottle plants (I named them that). Their actual name is a pothos plant, a very resistant plant which actually thrives on neglect. All you need to do is place pothos clippings into a well-rinsed wine bottle filled with clean water. It wouldn’t hurt to remove the label too!

And there you have it, a beautiful rustic Italian look that is also maintenance-free. I clean and refill the bottles every few weeks. If you drink as much wine as we do you can really create a veritable garden of wine bottle plants quite quickly.

Our next step is tackling the massive fenced-in garden in the backyard. Pray for us.