We spotted this vintage rocking chair at Furnishing Solutions for $50. After some research and noticing the manufacturing info on the bottom, it comes from Ethan Allen and similar vintage styles are selling for over $300! Many people would’ve passed by this treasure, the color is a bit dated and colonial but I saw the potential. Let’s Milk Paint it!

Milk Paint has been around forever, thousands of years actually. It’s a non toxic water-based mixture used as paint and contains all natural ingredients including milk protein, limestone, clay and natural pigments (thank you Wikipedia). If you Google Milk Paint you’ll be sure to find many brand names. I’ve been obsessing over Miss Mustard Seed home decor blog and her new line of fabulous Milk Paint made by Homestead House where you can purchase directly from their site. They are a Canadian based company but Miss Mustard Seed also has a ton of local retailers carrying her product so check out her site.

Applying Milk Paint is super easy. I recommend painting right over the existing finish, this product is very trial and error so you never know what you’ll get. For a super antiqued/chipped look it’s best to apply paint to a glossy finished piece, you can always cheat a little and use steel wool for some added distress. I’m new to this product but can’t wait to experiment, my next project I’ll be sure to give step-by-step directions but in the meantime check out Miss Mustard seed’s great Milk Paint tutorials.