In case you haven’t noticed the overdyed rug trend is huge right now! I see them at the very high-end to the moderately priced option, of course the ones I fall in love with are way out of my budget! If you google “overdyed rug tutorial” you’ll find some interesting tips but not many. I decided to buy an inexpensive lightly colored rug and give it a try. You can however take any colored rug and bleach it but this seemed too toxic for my first try. Take a look and I’ll update you as I experiment more.As an alternative to bleaching I picked up this cotton hallway runner rug for $40. You can however take any type run and bleach it for a washout/vintage look. I’ll try that with my next rug dying project. Who doesn’t love Rit Liquid Dye? Check out their website and color library to mix the exact colors you want! Pick up a sprayer from Home Depot , this will allow you to apply the dye evenly. Dilute the dye with water in stages for a beautiful gradient effect! Rinse the rug out with cold water to set the dye and hang dry for several hours (depending on outdoor temperatures). With the leftover dye I made these dish towels by dipping them for different lengths of time, I could also make these into fabulous pillows!

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