I know it gets expensive and sometimes the major investment doesn’t seem worth it, but reupholstering unleashes the potential of unique and well-made furniture! I absolutely love rescuing beautiful pieces of furniture from the dreadful choices of their previous owners. I see beyond the tacky beat up fabric and look at the structure and bones of each piece. The joy is in giving furniture new life. If you shop around (outside Manhattan) you could actually score some super cheap pieces making reupholstering pretty cost effective…much more unique than buying the cookie cutter couch from West Elm, huh?

We scored this beautiful Victorian couch from Furnishing Solutions and was surprisingly in amazing condition. It was only $160 and all proceeds go directly to Homeless Solutions, Inc. (HSI). A steal like this coupled with aged linen fabric we found on sale made having the coach professionally reupholstered by the folks at Window 25 totally worth it. Window 25 is inexpensive, fast and super friendly (they deliver, too). After the fabric and upholstery job we spent about $850. Where can you get a quality/custom coach for that price!? Take a look at the breathtaking after shots below…

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