Gift giving for under $25

Just in time for the gift giving season! We’re big advocates for shopping locally or better yet, making a gift with your own two hands (or four if Kris is helping). We’re loving these hanging terrarium globes that cost under $25 to make in about 15 minutes! You can find this 7″ globe just about everywhere including your local garden shop, Home Depot or online for about $15. The mini succulents where $1.50 each.

  • Lay out your succulents before planting, arranging from the tallest in the back to the smallest up front.
  • We used white marble pebbles for easy drainage. Sprinkle a handful of pebbles at the base of the globe.
  • Place 1-2 succulents towards the back and sprinkle a few more pebbles to cover their roots. Use a small spoon to help scoop out the pebbles where your fingers can’t reach.
  • Working your way towards the front, start placing each plant and arranging accordingly.
  • Add more pebbles around the edges and uneven areas.
  • Optional: Top off the terrarium with a tartan ribbon loop and bow.
  • Lastly, splash with some water.

A simple gift to add greenery to any home. We love bringing these to holiday party hosts. Happy Holidays from Shawn & Kris!

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