As always, I love buying used furniture and giving it a facelift. I scored this unique coffee table at a local secondhand shop for $75. It’s solid oak and certainly feels it when you try to move the table up a flight of stairs! The table is long and slim, exactly what I was looking for. The downside, a very dark stain for a very heavy-looking table. Let’s DIY!

I wanted to keep the top as is but lighten the color so I sanded it down and distressed the table top. To do that, I grabbed anything I could find in our barn and got to beating. Chains, screws, nails, anything with texture and weight, gave the table top a very distressed feel. Next, I sanded down the distressed surface then stained it.

I took the spindle base and painted it white. After it dried I used a sandpaper sponge to distress it, sanding over the high areas and cross sections of the wood. Lastly, I rubbed a waxed base stain over the white for an antiqued look. The wax stain seals the paint with a smooth finish. Some vintage books I found and an antique cooper vase with Hydrangeas were the perfect accent pieces (for now). I hope you like the results!

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