We’re already preparing for spring time at the farmhouse! Garden preparation and seed ordering all starts just after the holidays and also get’s us excited for spring to come (I’m over the snow!). I decided to plant a small apple orchard in the yard this spring, we had a few apple trees on the property but years of neglect has destroyed them. We’re planning for a few rare heirloom kind and I found a local nursery with mature trees ready for harvesting in late fall.

The landscaping around the house is pretty minimal which I like but a county farmhouse wouldn’t be complete with lovely hydrangeas. I plan to test a few this spring to see how our little deer react to them, deer tend to stay away from hydrangeas but when their hungry they’ll eat just about anything…

Research is always a good starting point for gardening especially when your thumb isn’t so green just yet! The books below have been a great help thus far with beautiful photographs to inspire us. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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