We’ve never really been much of a celebratory Valentine’s Day couple. Like birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, we love to celebrate with an amazing home cooked meal, a little weekend getaway or hand-making a present for each other. Gift giving is such a lovely way to express your love towards your one another but it’s especially thoughtful when it’s made with your own two hands.

Personalized cards are just as fun to make as they are to give away. This year we crafted some cute Valentine’s Day cards with some good ol’ kraft paper, bakers twine and an old school embossing label maker. Follow our simple steps below and remember to celebrate love for your honey, each and every day! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! xox

  • Use a heart outline and mark dots spaced evenly around the heart pattern and in the center of heart.
  • Since a standard hole-puncher isn’t long enough to punch all holes, we used our wireless drill to make the holes. Be sure to drill under a thick cardboard back. The center heart hole should be bigger to accommodate twine.

  • Use baking twine, yarn or thin ribbon with a large needle and start from the back outside and weave into the center circle. Repeat all the way around the heart always going into the center circle.

  • Finish stringing your last hole inside the card and cut access twine off. Tape down end with clear tape to avoid unraveling.

  • Get creative and make your own patterns or combine materials for more texture.
  • If you have good handwriting, draw your favorite Valentine’s Day saying or quote. We used our vintage embossing label maker to add some text to the cards.