Ex Libris


In the spirit of “rescue, repurpose, recycle”, we figured out how to turn candles into cocktails.

This series of candles, made from plant-based oils and natural soy wax in collaboration with our friends from Hudson Naturals, features custom blends of our favorite seasonal scents at the farmhouse. These earthy, complex fragrances capture our love for nature, Upstate New York, and sustainability. Each candle is beautifully presented in hand-blown glass from Europe that is locally etched with a floral design inspired by vintage barware we have at the farmhouse.

Once your candle has burned down, the container seamlessly transitions into a drinking glass perfect for your cocktail of choice. (It also makes a lovely container for rooting plants and fits our ceramic plant plate perfectly.)

Ex Libris:

Complex and earthy our Ex Libris candle was inspired by our antique book collection that steps back in time to a late 19th-century library. 

Top notes: orange, nutmeg
Middle notes: leather, clove, sandalwood, cedarwood
Bottom notes: balsam, amber 

  • – Candle dimensions: 4″ x 4″
  • – 10 oz candle
  • – Reusable glass candle container for cocktails
  • – Plant-based natural fragrance oils
  • – Eco-friendly soy based wax
  • – Natural cotton wick
  • – Made in Upstate New York

Candle to cocktail directions for reuse:

  • – Burn candle down to a quarter inch of wax.
  • – While wax is still warm, scoop out remainder of wax and wick with a spoon.
  • – Wipe inside container with warm water and paper towel.
  • – If waxy residue still remains, fill glass container with boiling water and wipe down thoroughly or run through dishwasher cycle.
  • – Lastly, make one of our favorite seasonal cocktails and enjoy your new drinking glass!



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